Saturday, December 13, 2008

holiday cards

this year i decided to make my own holiday cards to send out to all my friends and families. i had in mind to do gocco print of my own design, which would be my first time trying it out. unfortunately, it didn't come out the way i envisioned it :P the light blue is too light and you can't read the text. also, i can't seem to get a smooth color print. i can't figure out what i did wrong yet, but maybe i put too much ink on the screen? another big problem is i can't get a clean image. there are tiny dots around the image.... can't figure out why either. anybody knows?

so i went with my second plan, which is the same design but printed out from my own ink-jet printer. even though it's not a gocco print, i still like how it came out a lot. it still has the same block-print feel.

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